Watching Game of Thrones Season 8 on Netflix Possible?

With just a few weeks left to the season finale of the epic fantasy TV series Game of Thrones, fans are doing everything possible from their side to stay up-to-date with the latest happenings from the show.

It isn’t hard to say that the show now has evolved to become a statement of emotion and sentiment among the fans. I mean this because after coming across a few reaction videos for the Season 7 Episodes and looking at how the fans reacted to some of the iconic scenes from the season, it is quite easy to say that GOT means the world to a lot of crazy fans across the globe.

There has been a long wait since Season 7 Premiered on television and the good news for many ardent fans who couldn’t wait any longer is that the release date for the series finale is finally here. 14th April is going to be the date for Season 8 to hit the silver screen.

The blog here will have significant mentions about the official broadcasters, can someone watch the series at Netflix and other alternative ways to stream the series before anyone shoots you with a spoiler.

Watch Game of Thrones at Netflix

The phrase Netflix and chill is nothing new these days. With new web-series adding up to the streaming giants watch library every day, it is a TV buffs paradise. Surprisingly, Netflix delivers well-crafted shows to its viewers, and along with that, there have been no serious complaints regarding the Netflix originals.

Unfortunately Game of Thrones will not be available at Netflix. The only reason behind this stands to be HBO who did not permit broadcasting rights to Netflix. However, there are so many other services from where a viewer can watch the season finale of Game of Thrones. We are going to discuss those in the upcoming sections.

Watch Game of Thrones – Season 8

Winter is finally here, and with the official trailer dropping a few weeks back, fans are out on parade to celebrate the season finale together.

There are a lot of available options for a viewer when it comes down to streaming the season finale. Here will be a list of services through which a fan can enjoy the Season 8 of the outstanding series in the history of television.

  • HBO: Like good old times American fans make the most of the series as the creators HBO give decent attention to their American viewers. Fans in America will get to watch the season finale on HBO at 9 PM Eastern Time.
  • Sky Atlantic: Fans in the UK will enjoy the streaming of the season finale at Sky Atlantic.
  • Hotstar: There are a lot of Indian fans for the show, and Hotstar is going to take care of all of them with their streaming program of the show. However, there is a subscription charge for the same.

Final Words

We hope that now you clearly understand that watching Game of Thrones on Netflix isn’t possible as they do not hold any streaming rights to the show. With so many other options available around, a fan can easily tune it to the service of his/her own choice to witness the season finale.


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