How will the legendary fantasy series Game of Thrones 8 come to an end?

There is no series to match the hype that this epic fantasy series has created. Game of Thrones is full of thrills, mystery, adventure, and action. I am sure that after reading the first line you are thinking about when I am going to talk about how the show is going to end, but first, tell me whether you would like to know a spoiler which might not be one when the show premieres and ends on television this year.

What are the common questions in your mind?

The first question that strikes your mind is regarding the Wall of the North. Is it holding up against Viserion? The Ice Dragon which the White Walker resurrected on the recent battle against the night’s watch. Or did Viserion cracked up the wall in two, letting the white walkers get past of the wall and start spreading their reign far across?

Another major question that haunts your mind is will John finally get to know about his true origin or will Bran be too late to share his visions with him.

I know, there are so many unanswered questions dwelling up in the back of your mind, but you can relax for a while or so, as I have tried to furnish my imagination into this article regarding how the season finale is going to meet its end.

Now, to answer the most common question around all the Game of Thrones fans is regarding the season finale of the epic series and how is it going to end.

Honestly, it gets indeed difficult for an entertainment writer like me to solve all the riddles and come up with the perfect answer.

But I will try my level best to pick a conclusion for the epic drama that Game of Throne has been.

However, the end of the series largely depends on your perspective.

Is it still the anti-heroic, rug-pulling tale where Jon Snow is left bleeding in the middle of the battleground? A show where a pregnant woman (Talisa Stark) is butchered alive in the red wedding.

Or is it the series where Daenerys Stormborn of the House Targaryen, First of Her Name, and Mother of Dragons going to burn down every last white-walker, bringing the joy of good over evil.

It is true that the show has somehow moved beyond the original novel’s story by the genius George RR Martin. But at the same time, it is a story of Thrones where the hero John Snow blessed with holy ardour will beat all the odds behind and come out as the true heir to the Iron Throne.

There are so many possibilities when it comes down to how this epic fantasy can meet its end.

Let us look at three such possibilities of how the series can meet its end.

  • Daenerys taking the throne: If this happens I will not be surprised, and I am pretty sure that neither will you. With all the struggles she had to go through she is the true heir to the throne.
  • The white-walkers steps in and kills them all: The chances of this are reasonably less as according to the Azor Ahai principle a prophecy that foresees about The Prince that was promised.
  • The destruction of the throne and the dawn of a new age: The chances of this are less as well. The series will surely find its true heir to the throne and not end in an abrupt way.

I will go with the first one, being an ardent follower of Daenerys I wish she gets her legal rights to the throne. What about you?

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